Secretsofsuperparenting is founded by me, Amanda, mom of one son (so far!) who realized that as great as being a parent is, the struggle is real. Lack of sleep, no more “me time”, pushed-backed hobbies, expenses of a growing child, juggling responsibilities and comforting a teething child, trying to finish school… Well, you know – the list goes on. Parenting is no joke! Be a parent is difficult (especially for first-timers) and I continue to wish that I would have known more information, helpful tips and felt comforted for being a mom in a crazy life right at the beginning.

After quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mommy, I decided to do freelance writing (something I was already doing on the side). For a while, I had been writing family oriented articles for a client and I really enjoyed it! Then it hit me – why don’t I just blog about it myself? I love finding new information, tips, and support and most of all, I love sharing it with other parents who felt like they could use some more down-to-earth info to survive parenting.

This blog is to meant to help parents feel supported when parenting is hard, share useful tips and general parenting information. I hope you enjoy!